Whats all the fluff about HoCleS?

The name change is obvious, making it: “Terror Strikes The HoCleS!”

P.S. My kids were dead against it😄 Oops!

Let the story begin:

Travel with the searching hearts and minds of the discoverers of a society,  983 PGM, who wonder what were the HoCleS’ thoughts on ~ what has been, is, and must be.

Findalot, Knex, and Cynix find their research, inspired by a map shown by a colleague, to be a constant source of appreciation for their own fragile existence, growing fertile on the ashes of this civilization.

What was the fluff about this society 983 years Post Global …

Sneak Peak: Thats the best screenshot possible!


Introduction to the first character tomorrow😉

Thank you and a huge Welcome to all my new follows! Hope you enjoy my blog, and while you are here, you might even find something silly, useful, or beautiful!

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4 thoughts on “Whats all the fluff about HoCleS?

    1. Its the book I mentioned earlier: the title has been changed to include a type of ‘Human’ the book is about. In a couple days, I hope to give a link to the foreword or first chapter. That should make it clear. Thanks!

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