Foxy by Proxy!


Mr. Popputtlaal was a huge, I mean really huge, businessman; financially, physically, and successfully. He was also very IMPortant and uhm, … foxy by proxy.

He was written about as one of the first ten important characters that were born about twelve years ago. Thats when the framework of this novel was born. It took a decade for the story line to develop, but the master plan remains true to the first inspiration.

College out, Fiction in😉!

So when you read “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” please keep in mind that any resemblance to a person dead or alive, is purely a figment of my imagination. 

Though the committment made at the end of my ‘About’ post, is real, and in proportion to my financial ability, I will do a social project myself, to help young unstuck from a pattern of behavior ‘they realize they dont find desirable’ anymore. 

Start reading it for free:

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