Did ‘Chip’ ever try to dance?

Another sneak peek for my friends on WordPress! Meet: Gohkle Chip who was very creative, but he just could not dance.

You see, he was just not social, though, he designed amazing things and made them.

Social interaction, was at a minimum for optimum time utilization and maintaining creative potential.

I still wonder why did he never learn to dance … after the choice became available to him.

Do you know? Find out in~

via Daily Prompt: Dancing



6 thoughts on “Did ‘Chip’ ever try to dance?

    1. Thanks! Hey, its never too late😊
      For a moment, think like an Indian, and you’ll find yourself humming or moving to music just because you are with the music! But then again, all Indians dont dance either. And, no one has to dance or ask😄

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        1. 😄Thats hilarious! And, sounds so sad. I meant ‘dancing in a group and everyone joining in.’

          I’ll let you in on a secret, the Technos (in my book) do dance on their own, against the Law. Sshh, dont let the FBI hear about it. They’ve been busy lately.

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