Dear Ms. Pataak

You’ve met one from each group of the HoCleS. Today, I introduce to you the peaceful, Ms. Pataak.

A maternal figure who was very strong internally and considered all her (p)eople as her own kin. She was a leader and a seeker but she did not seek power. How did she do it, tackling issues head on, without being gingerly euphemistic? Does she succeed in maintaining a level head amongst men?

What was the chaos that Mr. Popputtlaal strutted about fixing?

Find out in “Terror Strikes the HoCleS,” on Amazon. First three chapters free! I would love your opinion/ feedback on:

(P.S. Reformatting is complete as of yesterday! Sorry, about a technical😄 error before but looming on my horizon was the 11/10/17 deadline for the Amazon contest that you may have heard about. All the best to all who entered!)

via Daily Prompt: Gingerly
via Daily Prompt: Strut


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