😄If you are Appy and you know it, Honk!🎵

Can you tell, I’m loving this app. Love this tile effect on my ordinary collage. Just loving the change from the pro-longed phase of writing and editing, and relief thats its over. Well, I know the pictures need centering…  but kindle create does its own little dance! I learned that kindle updates are easy and free. In the meantime, any of your suggestions are most welcome.

Today I Honk to celebrate project completion and an addition to my slim repertoire of digital skills! Well, its a fool – proof skill, probably for dummies😄 The real artists and the techies make things so user-friendly, that even I managed to make my ordinary artwork look fabulous! A little crop here, a little sparkle there, and Voila! we have eye-catching images/gifs.

I started instagram recently, so the response from there is encouraging enough (for a beginner). Thank you ALL 🙏for your encouragement here.

At amazon, I must thank a UK resident for a purchase few days ago. I’m bad at checking stats or promotion strategies … but simply got to love what one likes to do, and for that, I can definitely,



Have a wonderful 💞 day or night, in your part of the world! HONK🎵

via Daily Prompt: Honk



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