Terror demystified

Almost a generation ago, I was asked to go research terrorism. I took it on because I wanted a change of job. And decisions like this we make in our twenties, change our lives, forever.

What you seek, you find. Right😄! I wanted travel, I got it. I loved adventure, I got it. I wanted to explore terrorism / war and what it was about, I got the opportunity. I have been lucky!

Every great experience eventually gets to the soul. Especially the research on terrorism. Only an eighteen month exposure, but twenty four years later, I’m still living with it!

I went through a phase that made me feel it was a privileged duty towards the country. Then there was a phase of research and meeting people related to it in and out of uniform, on both sides of bars and weapons. I learned apprehensions and facing them. Later, I thought it was a moral responsibility to find a solution.

Utter frustration followed when I realized one person really couldn’t do anything about it. I hated and later accepted my limitations.

To understand the problem, I went all out, but comprehension evaded me. There are after all, so many aspects to it! Years later, I found out that marriage, move, and so on were temporary distractions and the ‘got to do something about it’ passion came back, outside of the official surrounds.

Life mocked for a while, but I kept reading and wondering why military solutions to terrorism only made it worse. Droll humor appeared in the world and it did not do any better than the guns.

To be continued.


via Daily Prompt: Droll



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