Is there such a thing as Writer’s Block?

IDK, as in “I Didn’t Know” is a wonderful realm to be living in. Some times!

I didn’t know all the particular rules of writing a book.

I had never heard of writers block.

I didn’t know it was possible to write a book in a month or three.

I didn’t know the marketing atmosphere.

You get the point, right? Then less, I knew, the more I wanted to find out.

The less I knew, the less stressed was I.

The less I knew, the more unstructured was I.

Result is I took my own time, wrote what I liked and whenever I got an idea. Building one brick at a time. One day a book was there! And, truckloads of editing🤦🏻‍♀️

The end result? Hmmm, that I cannot predict either! All I do know is I had no writers block, because ignorance was bliss😉

Where ignorance wasn’t bliss, yes this is hilarious, that when I entered the book in a competition on Amazon, I did not enroll in their KDP Select program, which was a MUST DO.

Live and Learn, as they say!😄

I am happy about another purchase one of you must have made. THANK YOU ❤️for buying this book! It will definitely offer you more than a story. (If possible, please leave a small comment or review when you are done).


via Daily Prompt: Atmospheric


via Daily Prompt: Particular




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