Gremlin in the Kremlin?

If we consider that our brain represents our planet, and all its sections the continents; then it is possible to understand how our world works or why it doesnt!

It does seem like with all our education in the world, we manage to misfire so many signals we send to other neurons and transmitters, keeping consistent with this analogy.

We see societys problems such as epilepsy, we might rationalize dementia as expected senility, we might ignore the electrical signals fading in multiple sclerosis, and panic to hear about a stroke. But we suppress these maladies, with medication for temporary relief. We console ourselves that “all will be well if … tomorrow.”

Social issues are warning signs of bigger problems to come. We cannot rationalize them or laugh them off. We must catch the gremlins changing our brain signals! Whether the Gremlin is in the Kremlin or Shaolin, whether we fix it using kaolin or javelin- there are things that must be diagnosed in diverse systems across the world and how they are getting worse.

How do Gremlins  occur in the book, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS?”

“Do they manage to make peace amongst each other?” eBook on Amazon:



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