Knitted thoughts


2017 has been an interesting year: geographically, politically, and globally catastrophic! Knitting all those thoughts together, I find we are not just searching for happiness, but also peace. Just a little mental break, a little relief from storied stress.

Shopping and SALE therapy isn’t doing wonders either to alleviate the condition of the christmastly seasoned mind😉

Therefore, here’s wishing everyone a simple life, a joyful season, and a peaceful realm as you interact with society and family. Enjoy nature even as she dulls in her beauty, for her work of providing peace continues on. ❤️ Happy (planning) Holidays!

via Daily Prompt: Knit


Don’t forget to read/ add to your shopping list! (Amazon has a restriction on changing the listed price. I am allowed only a one week promotion). Coming soon!

Read: A fictional presentation of how we make our society TERRORIFFIC!


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