FREE Possible!

Parents and Teachers! Most countries are headed for the holidays and many of us are planning to catch up on some reading.

I don’t have a kindle, but I hope to maximize with this app. Here is a snippet of a link I found where you can read whole e-books for free! Kindle Unlimited: free trial for thirty days. Avid readers can sign up if they like the option, others can sample books and must cancel within thirty days, so as not to be charged.

I had the option to send free books few weeks ago, but after enrolling in kindle select, I have committed to kindle unlimited program and must pay for my own book, even if I want to send a gift. Live and learn, as they say 😀

ENJOY the ReadMania in December and the amazing cool weather coming up! Click here:

Parents and Teachers! Sample or read the book, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” and check it out for your special youth or students. It is the best way to illustrate how terrorism comes into being, and watch them figure out for themselves how and why it happens, and what must be done about it. Here is where fiction comes together with psychology and sociology of terrorism.

P.S. Please ask your student to leave frank reviews on the site about what they think about the book.



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