iFactor Rising or Uprising?

When we see a fire, accident, or a fight: it catches our interest, eye, isight. These ducks were very fiesty and churning the waters. It was a first attempt at shooting action with my new camera. You can see the result of being off-center: gave me a wordNiche😉IMG_2241.JPG

These ducks, just like humans, tended to be interested in the action players. Observant few maintained distance, some stayed close and jumped in when a fight  began, and others for sure, joined in the revelry of action. They took time out to eat, and the two began their charades again!


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On a thoughtful note, humans can do better than eye for an eye, or eye for an i. These holidays, I propose a different type of ‘giving.’ Lets put our mind on the Other. And give a caring thought, if nothing else.

I say this because I believe when we give material gifts for many occasions, we are involuntarily creating breeding grounds for greed. In the long run, even dependence, low self-confidence, or even selfishness. And thereby, are parents and educators conditioning with a carrot, to say here’s something for compliance? Especially, more so in the context of anticipated inheritance.

We are growing a consumeristic, helplessly entitled, and a reward seeking generation. Is the ifactor rising or headed toward an uprising?

via Daily Prompt: Inheritance



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