Theory of Rela-tea-witty

Hi! My sister is visiting and I’m at my best, traveling with family! I hope you take a break from work too, and enjoy nature’s gifts among others’ the season or relatives bring😉

My book is only 99 cents or about 65 Rs on sale for today!!! Then it goes up by the same amount every forty hours, on Amazon. Since winter has started, I want to share this scene with you, from my e📖, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS.”

“Winter weeks brought rage buckling down on it’s knees, in face of savage storms. Cold rain came down mercilessly, accompanied by the dark orchestrating skies, splashing sudden streaks of lightening, often sweeping accross the skies, like a music director’s wave of dancing hands, now talking, now mute; inviting freezing shards of ice, stinging in sharp bursts of surprise, on winking eyes above impudent rosy cheeks; and eventually steady snow to test their endurance limits.”

Such are the images that never left my mind, from my visits to people affected by terrorism. I promise you quality and value in this book:

And we, individual people of the same, not sane, society can do something about it, to make life better for all. After all, there so many levels in our personali-teas and socie-teas too!


Can you relate to the cold and rain as described? Enjoy the holidays and shopping. Drive safe and stay warm! Have a cuppa tea in the meantime😉 Catch you later🎶

via Daily Prompt: Relate



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