Peace of Mind or

Sometimes we see it plain as day,
Other times, it’s a miraculous view/sighting!
At times, options seem to be at a dead end. But that is exactly where a road begins
and lots of choices open up in every direction.

This holiday season, lets give the gift of peace to our families. What are our choices as individuals, living in this society, thinking and acting as if someone else or the government has to stop all conflicts? You and I can do it! 

How? Read about it for yourself in: NOW $1.99  or Rs. 140/- Only

Special SALE for best gift offer in the name of PEACE!

Choose: Aggressive Malling or Mauling


via Daily Prompt: Miraculous


10 thoughts on “Peace of Mind or

    1. Rahul, thank you so much for ‘follow.’ I love the link you gave here. That is so true that sometimes we people look for peace of mind as if it is a ‘thing to get.’
      Christmas holidays are a perfect reminder about the spirit of giving versus accumulating in our commercial world. I avoid the retail atmosphere if possible at this time when people give and get gifts, cope with financial stress, social pressures, and then judge-dislike-hate-return them! Thus the question if one really wants to keep your peace or to get aggressive with familial MALLing and MAULing?

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