Cherish every Interaction (for your own gain!)

Modern courses and preachers will talk about speaking positive, meeting positive, and doing positive. On the other hand we know its not possible for us to be 100% positive all the time. So why   expect others to be that way, when you cannot?

Staying in a bubble, being positive, expecting positive, looking for positive fun, can itself be a very frustrating task, leading to counselors for help with management of our own unrealistic expectations of others and ourselves.

What if we cherish the thought that every human interaction is a goldmine of possibilities that could have a ripple effect of goodness and peace?  When I say peace, I usually refer to inter- community, religion, and person to stranger peace. Positive is great but if not, then we can find a way around it. And this type of giving costs nothing, barely even time.

Atleast that is what I try to do. I allow myself and others, mistakes and expression of all types of emotions. There is NO one formula for interacting with diverse cultures, religions, and socio-economic levels of people we meet. I also firmly do believe that we need no degree to speak to everyone with respect and love, or giving thirty seconds of our time.

We never know the origins of another, nor their life story, but we can leave room for growth: for us and them. I believe,

If people mock, let them.

If people avoid, let them.

If people judge, let them.

If people trick, let them.

If people know everything about you before you speak, let them.

If people are condescending, let them be.

If people gossip, let them.

People do what they need to, and then they might turn around for the better, and you become their example, even if they thought you were incompetent.

BUT If people physically hurt, stop them.


I believe experiencing adversity, is just our judgement of an experience. But, every experience is valuable and makes us stronger. Therefore, avoiding adversity or diversity is cheap old intolerance. Let us increase tolerance of our own imperfections and of others too, to rid of it for global / communal peace.

via Daily Prompt: Cherish


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