Brain: washing, or opening? Choose.

In todays times, I see the world simply in two States: internally conflicted and externally conflicted. I use non-technical jargon to illustrate my views because it needs to be understood by one and all as very simple phenomena, not things to be translated in a paid clinic.

The former is hard to relate with, because we tend to see it as normal. Here are those of us, living our life struggles looking for fun, humour, love, joy, family, and likes; all the words we buy and stick to our walls as a reminder for ourselves to be cool and collected. To me it is a very glorified search for peace. Period.

The latter, is about those engaged in external conflict. The warring people. Warring with weapons, with modified explosives, and games. At a more individual level, simply put, it is with harsh words and impacting hands and feet. This one is expressing frustration at its worst, gone out of control.

Call it first, second, or third world; but all people of our world can be and need to be de-classified from cultural, commercial, and academic stereotypes. I classify them into one of these two groups. Which group do you relate with?

Simplifed to this level, it may sound ridiculous, but then it is. Isn’t it? And this is one of the reasons why. Children are the brainwashed target for both types of conflict stated here. And we adults are helplessly living the pattern we have the proclivity for.

Meanwhile, under our very noses, children are breeding their proclivity for conflict. How can we adults think and act different? Brain: washing or opening? Choose.

The choice is made clear in an equally ridiculous e📖 “Terror Strikes: THE HoCleS” Kindle edition by V Sabharwal. Fiction Kindle eBooks @


via Daily Prompt: Proclivity



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