🐶Cozily secure🐾

The very word cozy conjures up images of warm, fuzzy, soft, secure, comfort, and relaxing material or atmosphere as with velvet, plush, friends and family.

Everyone must have some cozy moments in their lives. And each one’s cozy moment might also be as diverse and varied as their perceptions. Like maturity, or modern, or beauty; it is a relative word.

I remember once on my way to college, I saw a little kid with a beggar parent, who was cuddling up with a sweet little puppy on his heartstrings. A new day had dawned on their street, birds were chirping, sunlight was weaving its way through the tall greens, and people would bring them money or food, shortly.

That moment of security danced in the little childs eyes and his joy still makes me smile at wonder, for it has its own sweet way of tip-toe-ing into childrens lives, naively unconscious.

The parent was getting ready for the beautiful new spring day, and he shook his hashien rug, change tinkled into the drain behind, while his adept fingers quickly gathered the paper bills and slid them gently under the rug. He left the coins for the racing boy to pick and treasure.

The rugged sack had borne the brunt of his squatty determination and his beseeching cries to passer bys headed to the mosque or college, closeby. But it was also his bank, his constant, a companion, and cozy security!

The smart child I hoped, would go to school someday to make a future for himself. Unless life’s struggles dragged him down through disenchantment and despair, the enemies of stale hope. I waved to the cheerfull boy and manouvered my way through their morning moves.


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