Extravagant Souls ‘n’ Soles🎶

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday through the new year. It’s time to make revolutions with new resolutions! My best wishes to you for their execution😉

🚐🚛🚒🏎🛵🚓🛶🚤🚁🚂🚕 Sitting in traffic🚙🚌🏍🚗

how many of you sang a happy carol like this❓ Join me with your bells…

🎶 Walking through our lives,

In branded shoes we wore,

Over the paths we go,

Countin’ calories all d’ way!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


🎶 The sole still wears the same,

And soul does hold d’ frame,

But O what fun it is to ride

behind-unfocussed-ones in a single backed-up lane!

Go! Go! Go!


🎶 Beep d’horn, shed d’scorn,

extravagan’ traffic all the way-

O what fun it is t’drive soul oo’checks

d’cell phone all d’way!


🆘☎️❤️ Scream Out Loud: I want the old dinosaur phones back! 😉

via Daily Prompt: Extravagant


P. S. Still feeling Extravagant  and wanting wanting value for your money? Terror Strikes: THE HoCleS – Kindle edition by V Sabharwal. Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


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