What If Teacher’s Rule!

What if a teacher gives up the ruler and becomes a Ruler? Power seeking is against the nature of a giver, but then there are some who do move up the ladder.

The kind of teacher I am thinking about is a conscientious one, a tireless giver to people, who will think before reacting to leaders of other countries, even if they are behaving immaturely.

Sometimes a consequence maybe needed, and other times, just a new idea. A good teacher can create the environment to get desired results from their students. In this case, the teacher might study the behaviour chart, academic performance, and family environment of her/his student (or leader!) before reacting to an attention seeking one.

Two immature leaders can wreak so much havoc due to their foolhardy determination to one up the other. And their thrill is in just making headline news everyday. TRP’s!

And what do their people do? Resistance. Acceptance. Change. Three steps in accepting change. Being human they observe, judge, laugh, complain, whine, and get used to it. We might even see some good in them. Afterall, they bullied each other and “did not explode the nuke!”

A year of debate and resistance, and they Rule On! Yes, we humans get used to anything over time. Hunger. Violence. Malnutrition. Anything.


But then, teachers also get used to bad behaviour from students and begin to funnel every experience as relative. Even, accepting it with a winsome attitude, as good.

P.S. Ask yourself, “What else have we got used to as a species?” We have a choice, but we have got into a habitual pattern. We laugh at those who say or do something outside the pattern. Yet if it’s a famous person, we call it being “out-of-the-box” and accept it as good! Read all about it in:

Terror Strikes The HoCleS – Kindle edition by V Sabharwal.

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10 thoughts on “What If Teacher’s Rule!

  1. That is so true! Thanks for mentioning such a beautiful way that teachers are powerful.

    For the very same reason, a good teacher becoming a ruler as in a political leader, would know how to give to the class/ community, by winning hearts.


    1. Appreciate your coming by here. Definitely a commonly-held viewpoint, though regrettably not enough to warrant action against their position.
      As a teacher, I saw consequence to be the need of the hour for both boys😉

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  2. What bothers me most, V, is all the people who will accept the ruler if they get something they want regardless of how terrible he behaves, who are willing to accept really bad consequences in the future for immediate short term gain. –Curt

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    1. Yes Curt, that is so true. I also believe our lifestyles have an important influence on the quality of decisions we make. We cant help being selfish because of greed being a lifestyle norm for some. In my book, they are referred to as the Clamorers🙂

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    1. Teachers know how to bring about change in perspectives on a daily basis. As a leader, I am positive they would rise above comparison of size of might, especially in terms of Nuke buttons.
      Thanks! Wishing you a wonderful 2018 as well!

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