May I have an ounce of brilliance please

Decades ago, my favourite line of argument used to be, “When God was passing out brains to people, you pushed everybody out of the way, and took all of it for yourself, there was nothing left for me. 😥What to do?”

To me survival is not winning or riches. It has been patience and evolving perspective. I may not be very entertaining, or to some even appear mock-worthy, but you see, I choose to respect people of all types and ages. It’s an on-going social experiment.

Off and on, it’s frustrating for sure! There, determination kicks in and hangs in the space between two souls, my mind saying, “There is something good in you. Where is it? Peekaboo.”

I keep searching. Through people’s sacred bubble space or around. In the classroom, I look at the child and think, this is his or her best today. Maybe, next time, I will see a ‘better best.’

Adults are like that too! They just KNOW you better than you know you. Knowledge has taken over our WORLD! Help😉  At such a fffrrriction point, there are a few choices: explode, implode, or blank stare. Having tried all three approaches© for the best of both parties involved, I do auto-suggestion, “This is his/her best today!”

I evolved from my teen “you are wrong” stance to “Sorry, I was wrong,” to “You’re right.” What is hilarious is that my viewpoint turned around completely, “You Are Right!” And then I was told, firm and insistent that I was right. One just can’t win with knowledgeable people.

What do you say in an inevitable altercation?

The good thing about creativity is that you can change perceptions at the drop of a hat. I even see cuss words as … Now that’s a post of a different colour!!!😄

Stay tuned🎶

©V Sabharwal

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


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6 thoughts on “May I have an ounce of brilliance please

  1. Thanks Gina! So sweet n lovingly said. Your approach is the best and I agree that arguments get the soul!
    I find that in todays’ fast-paced world, people’s tolerance and patience levels are reducing, since I meet a cross-section of all ages by choice. It’s easier to stick to birds of a feather.
    Therefore, I share perspectives that evolved over decades, in the hope that it helps improve quality of communication between people of diversity.

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  2. you always inspire me with your words and I think to myself, that you have a really admirable appreciation of the human soul. you cultivate such beautiful thoughts I would never have thought of! Thank you for writing this. I shy away from arguments, they are vexing on my soul.

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