Face it, head on!

It’s not entertaining when the clown is unwell or the someone in the audience gets sick. We have to get a clean bill of health, to have fun. It’s time to detox!

Drawing a parallel to our society, how can we have fun with load on our conscience about the unhealthy balance. When the gap in society is increasing and millions of people, including our youth are getting disenfranchised, it WILL lead to a crisis. I studied one social crisis in Kashmir pretty closely but power and greed will not help resolve it due to several international political interests. I can only talk about social elements that effect us all. Many of us will say resignedly, “This is way of the world! Got to go with the flow.”

The way of the world was pretty naturally varied till travel and exploration led to colonization. Now that we understand the damage done on that track, I do believe it is utter foolishness to run with ‘one train of thought’ in a diverse world. Diversity has a natural purpose and strength, which to me has involuntarily been minimized.

That is why, I believed that simple telling through a factual narrative will not work. An academic degree will be just be another degree. A thesis will sit on a bookshelf in a library or the theory will be discussed by a few.

Educating, advertising, marketing, etc. have all been tried and tested. I did not wish to repeat anything that had been tried before. To get a different result, we must think and do something different, which might be strange, unfamiliar, or even obnoxious but necessary, to get a NEW result.

Most people will keep static, that is lack in action or change. Especially in a way that they view any problem as undesirable, and continue to believe in what they know best, maintaining status quo.

Some of us will say, “We must have faith in what we believe in, even at the cost of ridicule.”

Fanatics will say, “believe even at the cost of your life.”

Meanwhile, all systems will pay any cost in time and monetary terms to ‘train others to match their belief’ with a committed zeal, with the purpose of increasing their visible numerical strength. This is the ‘one train of thought’ I referred to above. Going back in time, I believe this comes from one single source (which I choose to not specify since that is the ‘x’, the unknown to be figured out, in my e – book) that propagated a way of doing things. Has it done our world good or bad, we might debate till eternity!

You might ask then, “what did you do better?”
“Why a fiction book?”

To answer that, I will quote a colleague from October, 2017, who understood the purpose of the fiction book and put it simply in these words, “Fiction because … We don’t like to listen to others.”

And as I said to someone else, if children are like mirrors of our family, the classroom reflects the society. And I have loved the dynamics operating in the classroom, open minded energy or closed.

Besides, people like to figure out phenomena for themselves and take credit, putting their name on theories, patents, and stars. Thus, I have chosen to put everything that an actively cross-cultural life, people, and nature have taught me, in a fiction form and as you know, a sampling on this blog.

You decide if the theory expressed within the e-book is worth a try and does it help cross borders and minds. In other words, is it applicable to human nature, universally?

Thanks for your support. Welcome to the new subscribers!

To read or not to read: “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” on Amazon.

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