Walking out of the Fog

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After studying researching several factors related to terrorism, I realized that we only needed to walk out of the fog of twisted information, people call facts.

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Terror Strikes: THE HoCleS – Kindle edition by V Sabharwal. Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


7 thoughts on “Walking out of the Fog

  1. very interesting thought. I read an autobiography of a kidnapped victim in Somali by terrorists there and she shed a different light on her captors and their motives. we only read censured news or galmourised versions. the truth is sometimes very different.

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    1. Why do I I feel you know the answer to that one:) I do agree that working together is the right path and begins with tolerance.
      At the same time, I insist there is a pattern amiss in the misconception of the word, development/progress.


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