Build The Wall^ or b – r – e – a – k it down?

“🙏❤️👍”    OR    “👍❤️🙏”

My hopeful slogan that reads,

“Namastey loves Thumbs up!

Thumbs up loves Namastey!”

Symbolically speaking, I am saying

“East loves West.

West loves East.”

Some people do anyway. Others might start accepting or even loving “if they …,”  “if we  … .” I have lived in both and definitely see great qualities in both. We can and tend to stereotype the other, and see their glamour or filth first, to dismiss the other as ridiculous, or sky-rocket our opinion to fabulous. The in between is often the forgotten average, not discussed. We need to discuss and come to terms with the fact that we are just human beings.

When our leaders meet, watch video/news carefully, they inevitably show the same attitudes, representing their own ‘cultural mindset.’

One shows disdain.

Other shows tolerance.

He / She mocks.

Other is diplomatically shocked.

Words will one-up the other.

BUT, Words will support the purpose of their meeting.

That’s politics! We all understand😉

The point is our leaders are not above the limiting mindset either. I believe that is why our progress is limited to within our set horizon. Think about it: they CAN do better than government shutdown or allowing terrorism. “Why don’t they?” Or is it a, “Why can’t they?”

We want to invent things out-of-the-box, but we want to eat out of a box, and mentally stay in a box?  Anything else we did or do to change the world has been REM.* And that is a terrifying problem we created but don’t want to face. So my dear readers, if you have read this far, thank you for your interest. Let us join hands to “Be Prepared!” with a strategy.

^ Do notice “The Wall” on the book cover. Read or Deny: Choose. “Terror Strikes the HoCleS” – Kindle edition by V Sabharwal. Fiction Kindle eBooks @

*R.E.M. Reference from above e-book. It fits better in the context of the comprehensive storyline in the book.

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2 thoughts on “Build The Wall^ or b – r – e – a – k it down?

  1. You are absolutely right! We started out that way, but some ‘systems’ messed us up.
    The problem is we believe in paths dictated to us through those known establishments.
    My effort has been to present a scenario related to such systems in an unconventional book, presenting a large problem in a simple language.
    Until it convinces a few, I dream of people stepping out of boxed systems, to try a road less travelled.


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