Thrilling Trilling!

Twitter has taken communication to a whole new level of thrilling and trilling. I wonder if tom-toms thrilled the users in the good old days as much as twitter does many of us today?

The joy of receiving the first tom-tom message, recognizing its place of origin, and interpreting it in their best way. Oh, what a feeling!

Our first like, first re-blog, first follow or unfollow, and first comment on wordpress, twitter, instagram, or facebook, whichever your choice. Oh, what a feeling!

Thrilling trilling! Presidents and Prime ministers, and anyone with a few thousand follows are twittering like chirpy little birds, re-tweeting like the talking parrots, opinionated like African Greys, and screeching like eagles swooping down on their prey!

Why are we as a people going so intense on social media? A fever pitch might be indicative of an isolating case of (a)social – flu.🙊🙉🙈

And, that is just my ©opinion😉!

via Daily Prompt: Trill



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