Profusely Educated Butt Ltd.

In the good ole’ days, our ancestors were amazin, tried new things, and made giant strides. What are we really upto in this day and age? Let us grow past our petty issues in power and limitations of cultural stereotypes and:

Need I say more😉?

The leaf skating on the ice was such a delight! It brought out the child in me. I absolutely loved the views, the textures on the water, as well as the forbidding  cold.

Here’s a fun video on ass related vocabulary. As you hear it, try to extend this word to all the continents and cultures and see how assinine we humans have become!

Read “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” and join the conversation. YAFiction. FREE e-book on Kindle Unlimited.

A huge thank you goes out to Gina @ Singledust for braving this book,  as it isn’t just a popular fiction novel. New perspectives take time …  and so does change.

via Daily Prompt: Profuse



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