🐾Creature, a Teacher!

No offence to teachers here! I simply love the fact that we can learn from any creature, great or small, on this planet. We might learn from lions, and tigers, and bears; eagles, swans, and sparrows; or even ants, cats, and dogs!

It’s SUNDAY! Time for a Sirius matter😉 Sirius Black is here again with another edition of

W🐾F Bytes ‘n’ News.

Vol 1. Issue 3.


Why do dogs sympathize / empathize with us humans? 😉 Pick up your coffee or chai, and sprinkle some Fiction to make it a funday sunday!

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via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


via Daily Prompt: Creature

P.S. In case you were here couple times this week and saw the blog changes, I have been trying a few new blog-faces. This presents a pleasant grey background and I think this just might work. What do you think?


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