Enrolled! Yay!

Finally you are enrolled in High School. Congratulations!

You have some of the classes you wanted and you are ready to have fun and learn! You are tall, your voice just turned deep or gorgeous, and you sound groovy!

Man! You are a package dream and sending hearts aflutter with all your smart choices of clothes and attractive gear. Its a balancing act to manage school, friends, family, and maybe some work thrown in.

Holidays come and go, emotions are high and low, and humour is at its peak! Back to the grind, nippy airs meander with flair, and love is floating in air.

Which teddy bear or rose bouquet to buy is dominating mental faculties? Drivers education classes are consuming time.

Things begin to happen. Change! Change in moods, foods, broods, and even, grades! What are we in school for? Reality check! You get a Shun On.


Which one is it going to be? What to Shun: a lush green mind through education or dry surrounds in detention? Some of us have choices to make for life consequences, positive or negative.

People are saying things which you love, like, hate, adore! Waves of feedback hit your sensibilities and confusions hit like a nuke head. What to do?

Slow down. Stop. Think. It’s okay. Its all part of growing up. It’s another learning opportunity. Breathe!

Yes, even the negative consequences! Even the negative feedback! Breathe.

“Why?” You ask, “WHY ME!” Breathe.

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. There is no bad person. YOU are not a bad person. People are never bad! This is his/her best for Today.

Bad is only the mood. Bad is only the choice we make. Bad is only luck sometimes. Bad is only the timing.

For YOU my friend, are new everyday. Today you are good.

Good is the mood. Good is the choice you make. Good is the luck sometimes. Good is only the timing.

What choice are you going to shun here forward? What is your new best for today?


via Daily Prompt: Enroll



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