Tending to Our Instincts

Could human nature be any simpler?

Call of the WILD! If people travelled freely, our numbers on each continent might remain the same.

Remembering our first steps as nomads on our planet. Complicate or Simplify? Choose!

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via Daily Prompt: Tend


8 thoughts on “Tending to Our Instincts

      1. We choose those who we put into their elected rolls at National Level and here in the UK we also choose at our Local level of governance.. The problem then is.. Once elected, THEY choose to do what THEY want to do.. Which is not always in line with what they said they would do.. 🙂
        Have a Peaceful weekend my friend also.. Take care..

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        1. 😄Yes, indeed. Politics is the same greed for power, done diplomatically, humorously, or by force. Once in a while a good leader will come along, make good simple POLICY by choice: his / her people striking gold. You too, have a wonderful weekend!

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