Simplify WHAT!

Yesterday I talked about choice.

Choice between complicate and simplify.

Immigration or life itself.

And today, I go to wordpress, to see one of the words: ‘simplify’ staring at me, my face. Like it was meant to be. Meant to be clarified, detailed, whatever else, or nothing. I don’t know. I start writing.


Choice for an Individual,

a Community,

a State,

a Country,

a Continent,

a world.

Our World!

I do believe

from the core of my heart

that all of the above connect.


One choice affects all,

One web connects all,

One size doesn’t fit all,

One love doesn’t work for all.

Yet, we continue.

We keep going forward.


We, addicted to habit,

inhabit our selves,

in habit we dwell,

with pride we swell,

no question ask, just tell,

stored tears do well.






Change eludes,

Stranger foretells.


Silence breathes.

habit writhes,

change dreads,

complicate replicates,

simplify divides,

all recedes from shores

to merge with oceans.

Life waves on…





The wheels on the bus go round and round, until an alarm wakes up the town🎵


via Daily Prompt: Simplify



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