Costumed Actors

Shakespearen lines remind us that we are just actors that get on the stage of life, play our part, and then are heard no more.

During this performance, we get into our roles and robes so seriously, that we start believing our own perception of ourselves, and get competitive, even (un)becoming ugly.

Now, due to various experiences, we might become stronger or weaker, better or worse, and secure or insecure. It is this insecurity that we try to cover up in different ways. Me too!

Though I like to think I am brave and adventurous, I get several reminders daily that I still have much to learn. Long ways to go! I do fear for my children but then all conscientious parents do.

We all end up building walls to boost our confidence, some within or without. Some of our cultures build walls around the homes and in some, around ourselves. Which is yours choice?


Which is better or worse? With all the drama going on, who needs real, physical, man-made structures to deter the humans, from being supportive to each other.

But then, it’s okay, for we do need an occasional clown!🤡

Enjoy your day!

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11 thoughts on “Costumed Actors

  1. Great post! Definitely something to think about! I like the thought that we are all actors on a stage. ALthough, there are definitely some scenes I wish I could edit out of my script 🙂 I get concerned for our society – with so much access to technology we could be standing in a crowd of people, each with a cell phone and not aware (or maybe pulling out the phone on purpose) to create a wall. To stop interaction.

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    1. I love your thoughts Robyn, always present for others and insightful!
      About invisible walls: Yes, Exactly! Intolerance is taking over common sense.
      I do believe for everything, there is a time, a season, or a reason: but this stupidity of “I know best” and “my bubble is my perfect world” fails all my senses🙃

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    1. Very valid points, thanks. One human can have so many masks, that we may even surprise ourselves.
      And talking of creativity, I definitely believe that open mind, “open ground” as you say, is the only way. There is no wall that doesn’t limit!

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  2. very thought provoking, i feel I am an actor yes agreed but always waiting for my cue, I never seem to know my lines and fumble my position. I like having walls, physical ones and also psychological ones. Without them I could not recharge and reflect. a lovely post V!

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    1. Thanks! I like the way you reflect on things, connecting with the significant elements in your personality. Our individual walls are important for such reasons indeed, but sometimes people build walls to shut people out. Modern society needs to find that balance between tolerance and space for silent recharge.

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