King of the Jungle!

Wimo-veh! Wimo-veh! Wimo-veh! In the jungle, the mighty jungle … 🎵

I’m not sure about how many Kings in the jungle can co-exist. ROARrrr! Eventually, natural selection will test our abilities and ethics, forcing us to choose selfishly for ourselves. Faced with survival, what skills will humans need to make it through?

Will the muscular make it: Fighting with the weaker? The richest: saving tons of food in underground emergency shelters with oxygen tanks and medical supplies to survive? The poorest: the natural minimalist, who will survive with his/her audacity to face the odds, by sheer force of habit?

At a national level, countries might nuke each other, but end up contaminating water and all other resources for ALL of us. Some people might survive, depending on the distance from the nuked continent. (This is presuming that most of us know that water is predicted to be the potential cause for the next world war).

At an individual level, resources like water, are for all of us. If we learn fasting without water, digging for water, we might increase our survival chances a little longer.

On my part, I time the shower and ban the use of tub. Do you remember the time of summer shortages, when we use to manage a bath with a quarter bucket of the much desired H2O. Remember washing clothes with A bucket of water? It is possible. It is what 90% of our people do in “Recovering Countries.” The countries some choose to make call third world.

There is so much waste on our planet. If we respect nature and know our own capabilities as a human, ultimately in the long run, only the survivalists will survive. Not the annual campers, not the super-safe indoor survivors, not the non-water drinkers. Will the cool factor propagated by multi-national companies aid in the heat generated by the nitty-gritty of survival? Therefore, across the world, those who live or maintain simple lives and can manage with less- hang in there, your time will come.

😉Oh the comedy of terrors we do nothing about: First, Second, or Third World!


via Daily Prompt: Courage



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