A Very Muttonic-Gluttonic Affair!


“For Better or Worse” 2. Presentation in three parts.

Part 1: Since times immemorial, animals have been significant in all our cultures and in our day to day lives. The question that has been playing on my mind is, “How much is natural and when is it overboard?”

It is nothing new that we humans have had a connection that serves both in the equation: for food, for physical work, health, and an emotional bond. We learned lessons from different animals, birds, and fishes; imbibing them into our lifestyles, folklore, and unconsciously, even inspiring symbolism. Example: Lord Ganesha from religion in the east and Alligators or Eagles as School/College Mascots in the West.

Symbols are reminders to daily functioning, since all of us need a little motivational prompt to be or do our best. Though over time, symbols can make people blind in ignorance or passion, which to me are the same thing. What do you think?

Part 2: As we move towards single unit families, even singledom itself; we tend to look for crutches to support us. Groups, meet-ups, wordpress, social media, entertainment, and pets.

I personally went through some of these and loved the new support as the traditional or older structures faded away. As I got stronger, I detached from others one by one. I was growing out of the phases and that was a good thing, in retrospect.

Coming from a psychology background, I did not want to hasten peace through counseling.  I had not grown up under any pressure to display perfection or fitting in, even though I went through thirteen schooling institutions and maybe twenty some locations I can call ‘home.’

La-di-da, I plugged along, but learned something new from every interaction including other peoples’ ways of coping with life. Besides therapists, animals were filling a huge void for many. My challenges to myself were to make it through with minimum of unnecessary crutches: no T.V, no pet, no addiction, no dating, and minimum data plan. Well atleast till my children were a little stronger from within, and I wanted to make that effort anyway.

Back to pets and animals, I saw it is an awesome experience for children to learn responsibility and nurturing alone. Or as a security measure for the vulnerable in their disability or old age. To me, it is not going to be filling a void, and such are the decisions that helped me face things head on and master the singledom. Not at 100%, but who said that I must fit a Freudian stereotype of a normal average human?! (PPW: Potential Post on WordPress😉!)

Point is why the Petmania? Have humans converted from ‘animal feed to need’? Animals are here to stay with a bang in our homes and how! Religious, sports, medical, entertainment, or emotional: whatever the purpose, animals are valued in all cultures and all reasons can be ridiculed, challenged, or accepted.

Do you think there are amazing similarities between devotion to symbolism or petmania?


Part 3: Another form of loving animals is being vegetarian. We love them so much that we cannot eat them. But when it becomes a condition for marriage, it leads to behaviour that is none less than A VERY MEATY affair!

My brother sent me this article which reminds of a Hitler in Luvv:

Hearts a’ Flutter;

Rich, Self-love, ‘n’ Dictator!

It is titled, “Want Love or Want Mutton?” Please read for yourself and enjoy!


What would you choose?😉 To me this newspaper article seems fictionalized, to encourage conversation on the subject. But hey, you never know😄!

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