Considering Guns

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Is the main problem gun manufacturing, distribution, or control on sale?

Standing in solidarity with the students of Stoneman Douglas High, Florida, we need to realize that what we do KNOW isn’t helping. What we NEED to know, isn’t discussed due to security reasons. Insecurity and ignorance can and will take us back a few generations. We cannot let that happen ever again.

If we all feel we know enough, or we dont know anything, or we cannot do anything about such issues, or that we trust our elected leaders; then WE are part of the problem.

Traditional discussions have brought us this far, for better or for worse. Lets simply talk about things that will soon matter to ALL of us and then follow it up with suitable action for our societies, in any part of our world.

This has been the premise of my book for last twenty five years. Does that count?

Try making a compromise, call it a risk, to read ‘outside the norm’ of a fiction book or traditional academia. A different viewpoint is illustrated in a simple way, in the e-📖: “Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” YAFiction. FREE e-book on Kindle Unlimited.

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6 thoughts on “Considering Guns

  1. Gun manufacturers have only one concern, maximizing their profits. The more people fear, the more wars that happen, the more money they make. There are many things that need to be done, but making manufacturers liable for the damage their products cause would be a good start. –Curt

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    1. Yes, fear mongering is the biggest cancer around. Worse than cancer itself.
      I love it and am with you, Curt, on that we people need to hold them liable. What needs to change, is the reason why WMDs needed to be invented / mass produced in the first place. Let’s Debate Now! That is where I am coming from in “Terror Strikes The HoCleS.”

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    1. That’s right G! It can be overwhelming on the receiving end.
      Gradually, after removing my own deficiency in knowledge of how aggression works, I’m amazed at people who ‘know’ dont want to engage in the search for a way out. Then how can we reach people who dont understand or are too caught up with survival issues on a daily basis?

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      1. those who do know, want to keep secrets for their own greedy needs I suppose, that’s the vicious cycle of life. if you are struggling to survive I would think global issues are not as pressing as your daily needs, so the situation will never have a solution, if we are always focusing inwards. you make a good point!

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        1. Appreciate your support, G! Thats the whole point: if those in power and those in need are pre-occupied with their agendas, the gap keeps increasing, and that right there, are the perfect ingredients of the recipe for upcoming disaster.
          Ignorance is not going to be bliss for long. And WE Knowers-DO Nothingers will be responsible for it!

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