Constant Reminder to DEBATE NOW!


Gun Manufacturing VS. Gun Control: CHOOSE! We must remember that all humans lives are precious to their own.
I propose that as we stand in solidarity with the students of Stoneman Douglas High in Florida, we must Debate Now. Those people who KNOW what to do are in apathy on the business, distribution, and control on sale of weapons.
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Constant Reminder to DEBATE NOW!

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4 thoughts on “Constant Reminder to DEBATE NOW!

  1. The young people may make a difference that the adults have not been able to. And what do the gun lobbyist s and their political allies say: “The kids are being manipulated.” Seventeen of their class mates are shot down and they are being manipulated? The people making these comments should be deeply ashamed of themselves. They should be shamed. And they should be voted out of office.

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    1. Yes, indeed a shame. You see the honesty in their interview! They are not playing a political game, nor are they in search for power. The community support will go such a long way for these youth.
      If ignored, some of these very same students, will want power to compensate this helplessness we will make them feel in these times. And so it goes…


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