Assay of my life!

The sun streams in through the window, and the birds are chirping, now soft, now loud. I hear sounds from the kitchen. Tea and a biscuit with a cheery-greeting-on-the-top waltz into the room and I am wide awake.

I waddle out to fetch the newspaper thrown over the gate and read my favorite sections, catching up on news and views.

Bed-Bath-Breakfast and Work Beyond, I am back to family at the end of the day. I finish doing odd jobs around the house, help my family, and rest up for another day.

Traveling through the song and dance of life, I twirl in the rain. I wonder about my retirement and look forward to grandchildren. I hope not to be a burden to anyone in my old age. I am content.

Where do I live?

I would change … 


I wake up to an ALARRRM and alarming throughout the day, I keep track of schedules, events, meals, my TV shows, home as well as car issues.

Hanging onto that last sip of tea, cuppO’coffee, or blaring red-yellow shot of energy boost, I make it work. I make me last 12-18 hours a day! I commute stressful highways of life.

I need to lay in the lap of nature this weekend for re-alignment. It is going to cost me double to visit the country, than living in it. I better put in more hours next week to make up for the expenses I will incur on the trip.

I’m not so sure about my old age, but I am glad I enjoyed my youth. I wish I had not joined the rat-race.

Where do I live?

I would change …

via Daily Prompt: Assay

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