Is there a Destination: Imagination?

Much like tourism is a short cut to travel experiences, imagination building through ‘encouraging’ mind training activities is a structured route to the free destination, called imagination.

I prefer to say it in simple english for the young readers out there. Imagination, in my view, is at its creative best when it grows like a lotus in a pond, on its own. Its not allowed or encouraged; it just happens when it does. What do you believe?

Story about one kid’s family in here : at the end of this post.

With all due respect to research and academia, companies like 3M, Google, etc. I do not have much to add except that the circumstances are natural to the extent that the imaginative person wouldn’t know till success is accomplished. And people will keep rejecting and discounting their work till one daythat person makes a grand, noteworthy discovery.

To give you an example, since I see some eyebrows going up😉! This example is aimed at the professionals on creativity. Please read this story and decide for yourself.

What inspired me to work with these children was a little observation one morning. There were three kids playing outside my parents home on a piece of fabric by themselves. A baby held by a 4ish year old and another about 2. All labourer parents had gone to work. There were marbles in front of them and a wooden or metal piece of something. The three kept each other busy. They were in the open. Rocks, bushes, strangers, traffic moved seemingly unnoticed, nearby.

They were too little to process child safety rules and I didn’t preach on them either. Point is they knew what to do for 8 to 9 hours on their own. They knew how to take care of the young while parents were gone. I wouldnt call it abuse or child labour, because they were free to play and they were happy.

The fourish year old was full of beans and always upto something. Very smart and agile, she would come to me occassionaly, and could do amazing artwork, without seeing a day of school anywhere. To me she had potential genius. But I wished her and her family success and we lovingly laughed at her smarts!

If I uproot her from her ‘pond,’ the lotus would whither. But at the right age, if she gets some guidance or encouragement, she could be next Indra Nooyi, or Steve Jobs, or Einstein.

I’m no expert, so please forgive me, but less education has begun to interest me a lot. Please share your thoughts on the subject.

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4 thoughts on “Is there a Destination: Imagination?

    1. Yes, the very word imagination has a sense of freedom inbuilt, and the flights of a persons fancy can take their mind to places that cannot be boxed in (Read: categorized).
      Thanks Maniparna, for bringing such a simple yet valuable interpretation to the fore, which any reader can relate with!

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