dimming lights

in memory-i-am

In Memoriam.

I looked at my friends and candles,
on top of a yummy mummy cake,
All seven danced and gleamed.
Outside birds flew, one preened.


We chased them in the garden,
We ran, climbed, jumped, flew;
Singing, roaring, screaming cheer,
loving all under the sun to call dear.


A thunderous roar startled play,
we ran back to our homes today;
huddled close, we crouch-peek-pray,
father-mother in aloving hold, words fumble-fray.


a sharp sound deafens, rips roof and walls all four,
we screechless, thoughtless, thrown on fours;
searing pain, blast sprays blood blinding us more,
my parts are out, heart heaves for a hand, to comfort sure.


i’m lucky in heaven to have turned seven,
my baby sister was not quite walking even.
our world we trusted, was all said and done,
rooting out evil with evil, making war reasoned fun.


Dedicated to all children who have died, been injured, suffered, or are recovering from WARs or acts of terrorism.

via Daily Prompt: Dim



9 thoughts on “dimming lights

    1. Insanity indeed. Appreciate the use of that word, Curt. We dont have to repeat mistakes, we call history. I feel like hypocrite sometimes, when I tell kids that we must learn from our mistakes.


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