Rising above it all!

Insecurity brings out the worst in us individuals and as a people :Every war was based on the insecurity of being short on a resource! Were we really short? That is what you must decide, as a person, as a society.

As an individual, we have day to day things to deal with, to cope with. Modern society offers us as many pros, as cons. We may enjoy freedoms, yet we feel suffocated by increased stress factors.

Pressures such as expectations imposed by peers, parents, siblings, or work: unnecessary but omnipresent amidst choices, freely sprinkling punctuations around regrettable opinions and judgements.

Regrettable because they affect our own family members we most care about and in the long run, ourselves.

As a people because, we all go through our growth cycles, which is constantly impacting our society’s rate of progress/regress. Development on one hand, leads to increased comfort and independency. But on the other hand, makes us dependent on other people or countries for goods and services. There we have new interactions with systems that can also be frustrating at various levels.

Take for example a clothing item or a car. Everyone has one, wishes for one, or dreams of one. Once you are able to buy the wearable, soon you realize it doesn’t fit well, is shrunk, faded, or you lost a button stitched poorly. Two choices emerge right away: stitch to your own satisfaction or pay for a higher quality brand.

If you bought the dream car, you realize down the road that there’s a tire/tyre problem you didn’t know of earlier, or part replacements are higher for the imported car, or non-symmetry in electronic features for driver seat and co-driver seat. The point is you didn’t make it and you are not an expert ‘maker,’ so it frustrates to interact with and pay a business frequently for the same product. The experience leads to






Solution: independently or with help.


And, the cycle repeats: back to base. Back to square one.


Judgements …😄

And so on.

Why am I saying all this? You see, if we decide to manage with less, then we have less systems to interact with, and therefore less frustration, and in the end less payments leading to less stress as well as financial insecurity.


Less personal insecurity ➡️ Room for more growth ➡️ Personal insight ➡️ Rising above the cliche’d ‘search for happiness.’

Build a secure society which needs less!

Let’s rise above it all!


via Daily Prompt: Above



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