Spring in my step👣


The leaves and flowers are mischievously unfurling their tender folds, as daylight and warmth increase. From shades of brown to emergence of new-leaf greens, is a whole process in shut down and recovery to rejuvenation.

We people seem to do it too, whether our spring brings us rain or snow. Our outlook changes, energy levels increase, and friendliness with the outdoors becomes more visible.

In a few weeks, there will be rain that’ll bring down surprises enmasse: buds, new leaves, nests, eggs, and even baby animals. The grounds under trees and bushes will be littered with samples of the weakest new. Having failed to hold on, the messy greens will have stories to tell of challenged or failed survival. The prettiest mess in the world will be loved and its perfume be inhaled with joy.

Look forward to seeing your treasures, experiences, and souvenirs from nature, as you prance around with a spring in your step👣

Wishing you breeze in your hair as you tread lightly around cuteness and fuzzies, finding happy moments to celebrate this SPRING🌷

via Daily Prompt: Messy



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