Fabric of Woven Dreams

When I was twenty-one young

and work-life had just begun,

hard-earned money was saved

for a first luxurious purchase.

I had dreamed to buy a silk saree,

of Academy colours, maroon-grey.

I looked far and wide, immersed in cuccooned euphoria,

In local shops and Capital emporia.

The salesman flipped open one by one,

holding out the fabulous design so done,

and displayed it flowy over himself,

pallu* and pleats story with pride did tell.

A long day of search did follow,

grey-marroon stayed elusive in sorrow.

Pre-conceived notions never can foretell,

Fabric of Woven Dreams didn’t ring a bell!


*Palla/Pallu: The long part of the saree that trails behind, folded over or wrapped around the shoulder. This is often where an elaborate pattern or best part of the design is showcased.

P.S. Academy refers to the I.M.A: Indian Military Academy, where we lived at the time.


via Daily Prompt: Fabric



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