Intuition: Stayin’ Alive!

You and your friend are on way back to the hotel after a long day of sightseeing in Paris. The much talked of Eiffel Tower! You saw it light up, and … Beautiful! You both get off the train and your happy chatter suddenly starts echoing. You become aware that you are walking down a dimly lit street … foggy, quiet, and eerie. The tall, dull, buildings start closing in on you two and your speed quickens. Your heartbeat races with your thoughts to find the right street. Down to a whisper, you fear a shifty shadow across the street. Cobblestones worn down to a mysterious shine, mock your fears, for they have seen carriages, conflict, and blood!

The sound of your footsteps fill your ears, and you freeze, looking back with a start. What was that sound? Someone following? A person turns around the corner and you walk softly. Relief gives you a breathable moment and suddenly you see a glimpse of the cafe across from your hotel. You are home! You run fast and soft, wanting to get in to an all familiar, safe place.

Our minds are amazing! In a fear arousing situation, the mind kicks into survival mode and helps us remember right things to do instinctively. I rely completely on memory and intuition when there is a deficiency of reliable information. Simple things like on the Paris trip, one realizes situations to avoid, or who to ask for help with a flat tyre, or whose phone to borrow to make a local call. Today, people want instant solutions, messaging, health, and noodles! By the time they are 60, they might realize that all good things take time and lots of practise.

When my ex- in-laws 😉 hid facts or feigned normacly, a letter would show up in the mail, and something insisted that I open it. Apologies, but … inside was proof about their tendency for superstition and behind my back problem-solving. Sometimes they found solutions with each other, and at times with the help of astrologers or self-proclaimed God-men. For me, about me, but without me? Very frustrating to be at the receiving end of peoples’ perception of problems and solutions, especially when over time, it becomes a problem for you!

There many people who do strange things to display a cool, all knowing image, not just children or old. It may be a cultural or familial priority. Thus, I am big on engaging in simple communication to solve problems. Just talk to the person! Even if it is hard, talking with tolerance in a caring way, takes care of most situations, unless you are living with A Wall. Mentally A.W.O.L.!*

Day to day family life, social life, or even cultural mindset doesn’t have to be like the CIA, FBI, ISI, CBI, or ISIS. Sit and talk! Talk like you want an amicable solution and then a solution will appear for the family member, the society, and the cultural group/nation.

Pretension about absence of insecurity doesn’t prove supremacy, even though that is what the strategy intends. Simply because the person using the tactic or the one at the receiving end, both, are not going to believe the other. Honesty is the simplest approach.

Our mind knows things and takes care of us in unique ways, especially in face of adversity. Example: visiting a different country or family, travel especially in pre-internet days, or even having a baby or nurturing without help! Someone had once reassured me saying, “God is there for someone who has no one,” though it sounded cliche’ like at the time. (I am lucky to have a very supportive family, but referred here is physical distance).

And, thats the power of Nature, within and without. Nature and life teach us everything, and comfort us in need. Insanity has been seen as a temporary mental or physical escape from factors effecting a persons life. Even concerns as simple as why we have a headache, put on weight, cholesterol going up, why a child doesn’t want to work, why your boss checked on you thrice today, a dream, the need to walk or work. Human nature or the nature of the universe is always working with us in our struggles to find comfort and ensure survival.

The only question is are we listening to ourselves? Our heart. Our mind. Our intuition.

Proving the fact that the solution lies within, if our faith looks inwards.

*A.W.O.L. Absent With Out Leave

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