Uncompromising on R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for Women!


With every breath you take,
remember your first breath,
honouring your Mother.

With every spring leaf you see,
remember your firsts,
feel joy renew.

With every bud that blooms,
remember your blossoming youth,
see your petals unfold.


With every child that makes a gentle soul,
remember your teachers,
celebrating metamorphoses.

With every child that succeeds,
remember the little successes,
connect with the spirits wishing you well.

With every step you take,
remember your first, your childs’ first,
Hear patter of following feet.


Women’s Day?

I will celebrate women every day!

With every breath, every leaf, every bud, every soul, every success, and every step, celebrate in the name of a woman you know.

via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising



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