Wrinkled Luck with Sound!

I love music but am not a singer or a musician, can play a tune or two or the keyboard, but thats about all. This week I did discover other ways of being a one woman orchestra. Due to an ‘Annual E.N.T. Performance’ I am engaged in this week, I have discovered several interesting sounds I can make. Muffling, nos-trilling, tissuing, nasal harakiri, aatishooing hat-tricks*, and my favourite: full-throated patriotic though salty, gargling. Believe it or NOT!

It may be noted kindly, that any country’s anthem produces efficient results. All diseases are border free and the cure for uncommon cold is very common indeed.

Have you ever walked through clouds? ENT issues and tissues can bring such a fluffy experience to life. Life is a living dream when the head is clouded up with a 💨sinus👃🏻challenge☁️

The shortest and sharpest sound was made when I fell last night. Percussion must repeat a rhythm but since I wasn’t brought down in a boxing ring by a strongman, the sound emitted was single one, though it echoed in my ears for long.

What happened is that I usually avoid medicine or take half dosage of medication, but last night I had a full dose of benadryl and ended up horizontal, doing a fantastic flip, tripping while exercising the dog. A perfect fall in one clean impactful move, landing on the side of head and body on hard dry soil.

This is the very first time that I truly understood the meaning of “having wind knocked out.” I lay down, looking at the stars, checking each part of the fifty year old body for its original function, and staying focussed on breathing consistently.

That was ample evidence that drugs change our decision-making abilities. The stupidest decision of my life was to play ball with two dogs in the dark, running my way. You’d think the dark forces had exorcised that grandchild of a dog! Or, me?

I am supremely pleased to note that I woke up without residual traces of a shaken brain syndrome,  my cocoNUT shell though sore, was a blessing!

Tomorrow I will present a piece on memory to evaluate if I have some left. And to ensure that I can still put some thoughts together, coherently and logically😉 You are the judges!

*hat-trick: three consecutive successes within a short time.

via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle



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