Incubating forever?

Memories bring forth glimpses of a past that is ours; ours to love, like, hate, adore. Some of the choicest and juciest ones are enjoyed at family or friend get-togethers. Others may get suppressed, rejected, or slip away into the silent passages of time.

They remain hidden in the folds of our brain or embedded in tiny dendrites and dendrons, coded in a language that is hard to interpret. Surreal and artistic images are projected on the dream screen, to present a movie that we sometimes enjoy.

These dreams were most active in the growing years when I believe I was trying to comprehend the hows and whys of life. Later, I believe, was a time to face challenges and fears, and then the movies faded away. Sometimes I think, its all related to our coping mechanisms, shaped by our inner world or outer world.

When reinforced by our outer world, our family, religion, education, friends, and society at large, then its not entirely us. We function in partial automation with encapsulating influences of scripture or suggestion. Within such known structures, people feel comfort and security.

When our coping mechanisms are reinforced by our own experiences, then it forces us to really think about our options. And then only, we allow ourselves to change or grow beyond the mold, the safety of the cuccoon.

I really miss those movies since they would make great writing material! Now I am usually found in two states: sleeping or awake. Also, though I like to believe I am a free butterfly, but in all honesty, I am still working my way out of the cuccoon.

What is better for us: emerge or stay in a cuccoon of memories and influence-za?

via Daily Prompt: Incubate



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