Land of the Lama and Highway Drama

Patience. I read the prompt. Right away the word associations started playing around in my mind: mom, teacher. traffic.

Traffic makes me smile because that is where most of our patience is tested. It’s fun to see how other’s react to getting nowhere. Creativity is tested too. You see people, changing lanes or exiting the street to find alternate routes.

I have evolved a system which annoys my children but its effective because it hurts no one and keeps me amused. I start talking to people from within my own car.

“Good job!”

“Nice move.”

“See you soon.”

“Where do you think you are going my friend?”


“Congratulations! A whole inch!”

This is also a great time to see face-makers and counting fingers people put on display. Usually its the same old boring finger. It’s not my business if it is shown to someone else. Ignoring is best, but if it’s shown to me now as a greying teacher, I am one to revel in the opportunity of giving a different creative response every time. We humans are capable of making so many expressions: happy, sad, smile, just look at all those nicer emojis!

Once, I couldn’t help but count off all five fingers, one by one. We had time at a signal since the Gentleman had rolled down his window to make the gesture. A gentle thanks or bow to acknowledge their best effort works. I see it as a way to dissipate steam that will last a while or a mile or make them wonder or even smile.

Once upon a trip … came across this cute one😄

It is also a great time to read stickers and signs behind vehicles, change lanes when you see an angry driver, or open your window to listen to someone’s music they are dancing to. There is time to share the joy. Wave to let someone else in ahead of you and your good deed is done for the day. Find a new radio channel you never heard before. Or, sing a happy song🎵 and thats the best way to spread joy to all those stuck in traffic with you.

My philosophy😉has probably evolved from reading lots of signs, of which my favourite one is from a Himalayan road I have never forgotten: “Drive like hell, you’ll get there faster.” Patience and humour spread magic of peace. We always looked forward to such signs in the Himalayas:

“If you are married, divorce speed.”

“Darling I love you, but not so fast!”

“It’s a highway, not a runway.”

“Go slow on my curves.”

“Be Mr. Late, than Late Mr.”

“Love thy neighbour, but not while driving.”

“After whisky, driving risky.”

“Darling, do not nag while I am driving,

look outside and enjoy the nature charming!”

“Danger creeps, when safety sleeps.”

“Dont be a gama, in the land of the lama.”

“When you dream, you will scream.”

“Do your dozing in bed.”

Some countries will remind you with death scores or rule quotes,  subtle and stern:

I did not want to. Would you😉?


via Daily Prompt: Patience



6 thoughts on “Land of the Lama and Highway Drama

  1. you have the patience of a saint and the wit to match. i love the way you see the humour in stressful situations. it is so important to mental health and well being to remain calm and see the bright side of things. I learnt a few good things from you today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, G! Our jobs take so much from us teachers and healthcare, we have to just let go in other places. Right? I just have to send my mind on a vacation now and then. Even at the cost of being judged stupid😉because it made two feel good. It’s giving a gift secretly🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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