Take Pride or swallow our pride!

Flaming Beauty! Looking up at life brings amazing contrasts. It is that humm in the background, the nourishment from the greens, and the fire with all its fury that tiptoes close to make all three coexist 💞and be beautiful together😘


Co-exist? The technology humms, nature greens our world with peace and health, and flaming aggression energise our world towards change.


But the problem is  that everyone is trying to make a difference in our world, operating at varied levels, ages, or frequencies. I had also wanted to do that at one time. Thankfully, I had never been told to do so. Nowadays little kids are picking up on philanthropy, without finishing their growing as nature meant childhood to be. Plastic lives will make spastic leaders and decision-makers.

I felt very disillusioned years after doing my work in Kashmir, India, but I realized that my mistake was that I’d thought I could make a difference and I couldn’t. Now terrorism is more known and widely discussed topic, so the issue in early 90s was completely different. Seems like males across the globe are saying terrorism, war, and guns are our forte’/game, and though we hate it ourselves, you should leave it alone. Eventually I did.

But I have put in several decades into studying aggression with a passion, and the new trends are very interesting, globally. The present youth lobbying for laws on gun control, are coping with some parallels that are very intriguing. Whether they are being used or not, if they are pawns or not in a bigger game, I await to see the end result. No one is looking at the root of the problem, but then thats just my viewpoint. It continues to grow as an international issue along with ignorance.

The question before academics, politicians, and gun-toting enthusiasts is: Should we take pride in resolving this issue or swallow our pride? Lets see where that takes us!

I found a way to reach people and wrote a fiction book to illustrate what’s possible. After that I have been reminding myself, that this is a never ending assignment. I must continue to be tolerant, be respectful, keep writing, and never give up. One day the right person might read and understand the pattern discussed in the book. Or, come up with a better idea to co-exist, and that is what matters!

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7 thoughts on “Take Pride or swallow our pride!

    1. Thanks, Curt, I will hang in there and see where this ride ends! Not giving up, just not eager to hear about senseless killings when a shift in perception might increase some AHA’s, instead of Oh-No’s😉

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  1. A fantastic read dear friend and you have done a marvelous job, I must say. Do not lose hope cause this world will go according to His plan and you and I have no say, but keep on doing what we can. I loved the flowers that were so apt with your post.

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    1. Appreciate your caring and thoughtful comment. Yes, its what rule we all must live by, however strange it may feel. I have faith, if have done anything right, it will find a connection.
      But then I wonder, how many more must die before we realize our weakness as a society. 🙏💞

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