On Trust and Betrayal

You have been hurt by betrayal! But only because you trusted someone or a group in the first place. One thing is for sure, you learned something from that experience. Point is what did you do after that:
Did it make you insecure?
Did it make you realize what not to do again?
Or, did it make you say, “No problem, I can handle this! I am better than this.”

Recognizing this, I wish to discuss “our government,” whichever country we are from. If your governing structure is perfect, then celebrate and share with the rest of the world. Please!

If not, then you are disappointed, are disillusioned, and trying to understand what is going wrong. You are probably trying to re-build trust with your home country’s governing body because things didn’t quite turn out as you expected.

Its normal! Relax. Systems stagnate just like us. No people of a given culture or system are entirely happy with any kind of governance forever.

All of our societies have been through change and our founding leaders had mobilized our people to follow a great new system of governance, borne out of hardship and authentic struggle.

Now, lets talk about the principles and ideals they based the system on. In democracies, they based it on people power with focus on diversity as a strength. Struggles and change made them wiser, their principles are noble, encompassing good for all. We refer to their guiding principles, quotes, and rules to run our lives.

One or two hundred years later, our lifestyle, culture, and values have changed. The old principles are compromised. Now what? There is dissatisfaction, an approar, and things that are going wrong.

Is it? Our habits, food content, energy level, expectations of ourselves and others, and perceptions have changed. Fake food, fake news, fake confidence: all leading to pretentious lifestyles and decisions borne out of greed.

Does this indicate that our systems need to change too? Or, should we change ourselves? Choice is to keep hanging onto old principles or to Stop. Re-evaluate. Evolve.

Freedom as they say, comes at a price. If we just look at people power and democracies, we see two different examples; America and India.

America has evolved in 300 years after leaving or being forced to leave their mother country and India is still reeling and evolving seventy one years later from the impact of colonization.

As far as I can see, one has more freedom with less securities and the other has less freedom with more securities. But one thing is very interesting, personal sense of security for their people, is reducing with increased control through law or education. And that is compromising the health and character of both democracies, proportionate to the level of control.

I believe control through law is filling up prisons and control through education is simply training away originality to organised workforce for a globally viable commercial idiocy. Going back to the words betrayal and trust, increase in scale of inauthenticity and insecurity isn’t such a surprise anymore. Let this be a warning to ourselves of necessitating change or accepting terrorism, not as a weapon of war, but as a stress we are adding to our daily lives.

If a democracy cannot minimize crime or reduce terror, who can? Japan has set an example. Anyone else? You decide what is good for the health of your country, if you are allowed to.

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How would it be to be living in a world where you can be

Trusting your Country!

Trusting your Organisation!

Trusting your Love!

Trusting your kin!

… just a little more.


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