Keeping Yoga Simple: a frigid dare!

Out cold, I dare you to take on simplicity as a way of life. I assure you that your expenses will reduce and health will improve for sure!

Four years ago, when visiting a monastery in Ladakh, I ran into the words below: emphatic, simple, and beautiful.

The mind is nothing without a good heart…
Just like this flower is no good without its leaves, roots, and support through the stem.

“Breathe!” is what I tell students and “keep your mind on it. Inhale… Exhale…” I didn’t invent yoga, am not good at it, but I know concentration. Teaching relaxation is free, costing nothing.

I don’t think Indians or Asians are asking for a patent or copyright on yoga. But it is time, it was accepted as a good technique for self-discipline and good health. Finally some schools are adopting it as a useful technique, but companies are still trying to ‘system’atize it.

To illustrate, once I was invited to a book club where all members sat on the sofa watching a video on yoga. I took off my shoes and sat on the ground by default. Suddenly, I found everyone doing the same. I thought nothing of it till I saw the yoga instruction on the video, situated in beautiful places, rivers, rocks, and forests. The mat emerged, and all the unnecessary instruction. A neighbourhood grandma or uncle could teach the basics! No license needed either!

Multi-national corporations and MBA’s will have us believe that Yoga or herbal medicine has to be part of a system or a product line, their system, their product line.

Answer is “No!” Yoga is absolutely free. No mat. No special pants. No block. No bag either. No system or specific greeting either. The whole purpose of yoga is lost, if you go for an image, a purpose, monetary interest, or making it a business model.

There’s a song I like to sing when people want to make a simple concept so complicated: 🎵Kuch lena, na dena, magan rehna…🎶

That is to say: 🎵To take, nor give, stay merry…🎶

Here’s wishing free peace and happiness to All! Spread the joy in keeping life simple🙏 including the meaning of Namastey (discussed in a post before).

Never Give Up!


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4 thoughts on “Keeping Yoga Simple: a frigid dare!

  1. Inspiring! I took a couple of yoga classes in the past and enjoyed the breathing the most. I wasn’t very good at the movements. Then I tried yoga on the Wii Fit (have you heard of that?) It would grade you based how you stood on the board, if you were mastering the pose. I never mastered a pose, and the breathing was lost because I was trying to achieve a high score on a game. You are right – there is more to yoga and it is rewarding!

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    1. Exactly! It isnt a science. Just relax. Do the best you can. The muscle will work with you increasingly. It’s all in the breathing.
      Even children will benefit in reducing stress. The basics wont hurt if done slightly different. Its the advanced ones that need guidance.

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