Fall in’ Spring!


What’s the best take-away from Spring: Life or death?

Life in death?


Those vulnerable lill newborns,

those pretty lill leaves,

unfurled, curled. Growing,

learning to brave harsh winds,

holding on, letting go,

painting grounds below.

With their last breath,

whispery mellow, pastel gift

of a fall in spring.

A joy that heart stills,

even as some broom kills.

I pick them up, handfuls,

the babies all,

saving them from wheels

that merciless roll, haul, and maul;

covering roots that nourished them,

where they will lay at rest,

gifting compost, a last best.

💚Plea to re-use the fallin’ spring greens🙏

as well as

explore peaceful bullet-free communications to share equally the joys on our earth🙏



via Daily Prompt: Haul



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