Reflections to Relaxing Solutions.


“Reflections are a moment of truth, we can fearlessly grow secure from.” Thinkinkadia
We can surround ourselves with comfort, favorite things, and fun, but there is absolutely no substitute for confidence from within.

When we reflect on moments, changes, trends, and patterns: it gives some discomfort or even distress at first, but gradually we come to realize and accept.

From small to big events or problems, we tend to rush into solutions, looking at things at face value. But if we look a little further, a little deeper, a little thoughtfully; it is then we will see the root cause of the problem. That is when the waters calm, letting the solution to speak for itself.

Experiment: Try it on yourself in a familiar situation, try it in an unknown, and then reflect on a new way to look at terrorism, too, before it overwhelms the planet.

via Daily Prompt: Rush



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