Keep my World Luminescent!

Freak Accidents n More!

Every life is precious: animals birds, and people. Yesterday we heard about a freak lightening accident that killed so many ducks, an unusual and wondrous incident at the same time. How and why we ask? Our hearts go out to the speechless souls, and rightly so. They don’t understand the choices we humans make for them!
What about the humans who don’t understand what city dwellers and the ‘educated’ do? It is time to become more responsible about games we people play. We need to realize that our actions effect simple 2-4 legged lives across the world.
What can we, so-called educated do? We can reduce our interest in ventures that are having such an acid rain effect. We must reduce purchasing habits to simplify or change our consumption patterns, too. We may not change the science of lightening strikes and how nature works, but we must respect natures’ resources. Let us reduce our terrorizing impact on the only earth we have, throwing more light on the subject, in more ways than one.

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3 thoughts on “Keep my World Luminescent!

  1. Indeed let us keep our world luminescent and Illuminated.. I had not heard about the ducks, but not surprising as I have avoided most news filters.
    And yes we often wonder WHY.. fate takes her hand as she does..
    Sending huge hugs your way.. Love and Blessings

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    1. Hey Sue! Thanks … such a simple truth, isn’t it, and just like common sense, its so hard for many. Hugs to you too!
      Keep up your writings … many people need that assurance you provide so sweetly.😍

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